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Amendments to this Chapter
1. The Borough Council may amend, challenge or repeal any or all portions of this chapter on: (A) its own motion; or, (B) upon agreeing to hear a written request of any person, entity or the Planning Commission.
2. Before voting on the enactment of an amendment, the Borough Council shall hold a public hearing thereon, following the procedural requirements of the Pennsylvania Municipalities Planning Code, 53 P.S. § 10101 et seq., including public notice.
3. Review of Amendments.
A. In the case of an amendment other than that prepared by or under the direction of the Planning Commission, the Borough Council shall submit each such amendment to the Planning Commission at least 30 days prior to their hearing on such proposed amendment; the Planning Commission shall be permitted an opportunity to provide recommendations.
B. JPC Review. The Borough shall submit the proposed amendment to the Joint Planning Commission (JPC) for recommendations at least 30 days prior to the hearing on such proposed amendment.
C. No action shall be taken by the Borough Council until any JPC or Borough Planning Commission comments are received, unless 30 days pass without such comments being received.
4. Changes After a Hearing.
If, after any public hearing held upon an amendment, the proposed amendment is revised, or further revised, to include or exclude land previously not affected by it, the Borough Council shall hold another public hearing, pursuant to public notice, before proceeding to vote on the amendment.
5. Application for Amendment.
Any request for amendment of this chapter (including supplement, change or repeal) by any person or entity (other than the Borough staff, Planning Commission, Borough Council or committee appointed by the Borough Council or under the direct oversight of such entity) shall include the following:
A. A statement of why the change would be in the best interests of the Borough.
B. A statement of how the proposal will relate to the Borough Comprehensive Plan.
C. A statement addressing any adverse affects on adjacent residences.
D. A statement addressing any major traffic access, traffic safety or congestion concerns.
E. A map showing the proposed boundaries of any proposed map changes, the existing zoning of the land and of adjacent lands and the current uses of adjacent lots.
F. A statement explaining proposed extensions and major improvements, if needed, of public water and sewer systems to serve the land area.
6. Traffic Impacts of Zoning Amendments.
The Planning Commission or the Borough Council may require an applicant for a zoning amendment to fund a traffic impact study following standard methods and completed by a qualified traffic engineer. Such a study shall take into account the entire land area-proposed for a change, with an emphasis on the net projected traffic increases from the proposed amendment compared to the existing zoning, based upon reasonable assumptions about the intensity and type of development.
7. Notification of Proposed Zoning Map Amendment.
If a zoning map amendment is requested by a private entity and is not considered at the same public hearing as zoning map amendments proposed by Borough officials, then at least 10 days prior to the hearing on the proposed change, the applicant shall send or have delivered in person written notice of the proposed change. The applicant shall provide a signed letter to the Zoning Officer stating that such notice has been sent. Such notice shall include the hearing date and time and a Borough official to contact for more information. Such notice shall be provided to all owners of record of all property proposed to be rezoned (other than the applicant) and all property directly abutting or directly across the street from the land to be rezoned.
8. Time Guideline on Reviewing Amendment.
If a zoning amendment is properly requested in writing and submitted together with any required fees to the Zoning Officer outside of the curative amendment process, the Planning Commission should hold an initial public meeting on such proposed amendment within 60 days of receiving such request, unless the Commission determines at a regular meeting that such request is not worthy of further consideration.
See § 27-108: Amendments to this Chapter for more information.
See § 27-110: Zoning Officer for more information on this officer.