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Amendments to this Chapter The Borough Council may amend, challenge or repeal any or all portions of this chapter on: (A) its own motion; or, (B) upon a... Appeals Appeals Curative Amendments A landowner who desires to challenge on substantive grounds the validity of this chapter may submit a curative amendment to t... Enforcement, Violations and Penalties Enforcement, violations and penalties Fees Filing fees and costs Nonconformities A lawful nonconforming use, structure or lot as defined by this chapter may be continued and may be sold and continued by new... Nuisances and Hazards to Public Safety No land owner, tenant or lessee shall use or allow to be used land or structures in a way that seriously threatens public hea... Regulated Activities (Applicability) Any activity regulated by this chapter shall only occur in such a way that conforms with the regulations of this chapter. Site Plan Review Procedures for Certain Uses A separate site plan review by the Planning Commission is required for any of the following uses when the Zoning Officer deci... Site Planning Guidelines These advisory guidelines are intended to assist applicants and the Borough in developing well-planned developments. Submission Requirements for Uses Requiring Site Plan Review Required information shall be submitted by the applicant for any conditional use or any use requiring a site plan. Variances The Board shall hear requests for variances filed with the Board in writing by any landowner (or any tenant with the permissi... Zoning Hearing Board (Hearings and Decisions) The Board shall conduct hearings and make decisions in accordance with it's duties and powers.
Alluvial Soils Areas Alluvial soils are soils identified as "soils subject to flooding". Bonuses for Resolving Existing Stormwater Problems Intent to provide incentives to developers to help to resolve preexisting stormwater problems. Buffer Yards Buffer yards and screening must comply with established standards. Floodplain Area Regulations To regulate development in areas of the Borough where streams are known to possess flooding characteristics and/or chronic we... Forestry, Commercial (Excluding Plant Nursery) The harvesting of more live trees with a trunk width of six inches or more at a height four feet above the average ground lev... Grading and Erosion Control Bulk amounts of soil or minerals shall neither be removed from a lot nor shall a lot be regraded unless a zoning permit is is... Karst Hazards The purpose of this section is to recognize the potential for damage to public and private improvements, human injury or deat... Off-Street Parking (Stormwater Management) No parking area shall be designed to require or encourage parked vehicles to back into a public street or alley in order to l... Planned Residential Development Open Space (R-P District) A residential development meeting all of the requirements of <a href="" target="_self">§ 27-307:... Self-Storage Development (Buffer Yard) This use is allowed as per established requirements. Steep Slopes If an area of a lot including slopes of 15% or greater is proposed for construction of buildings, streets or driveways or non... Wetlands If the Borough Engineer, Planning Commission or Borough Council has reason to believe that a portion of a site proposed to be...