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Submission Requirements for Uses Requiring Site Plan Review
1. The following information, as applicable, shall be submitted by the applicant for any conditional use or any use requiring a site plan under § 27-116: Site Plan Review Procedures for Certain Uses or § 27-118: Conditional Use Process, except for information waived by the Zoning Officer as not applicable or necessary:
A. A statement describing the proposed use.
B. Layout. A site layout drawn to scale (one inch equals 20 feet, one inch equals 30 feet, one inch equals 40 feet, one inch equals 50 feet or another scale pre-approved by the Zoning Officer or Borough Engineer) showing the location, dimensions and area of each lot; the location, dimensions and height of proposed and any existing structures; the required setback areas; the proposed density of residential uses; the location and width of proposed or abutting streets; and the proposed areas to be used for different purposes within the development, including outdoor storage or display areas. If the plan involves one phase of what eventually may be a larger development, then the interrelationships of those phases shall be shown.
C. Landscaping. The width of any buffer yard and the heights, spacing and general species of plants to be used for screening. General numbers, locations and types of landscaping to be provided in off-street parking lots, along streets and in other areas.
D. Parking. The locations and numbers of parking spaces; the location and widths of aisles; the location and sizes of off-street loading areas. The method of calculating the off-street parking requirement, based upon § 27-601: Required Number of Parking Spaces.
E. Lighting and Signs. The height, location and approximate intensity of exterior lighting. The sign area, height, location and general method of lighting of signs.
F. Sidewalks. The location of any proposed sidewalks (with width) and curbing.
G. Utilities. Proposed method of providing wastewater treatment and water supply (such as "Public Water and Public Sewage Services extended 100 feet from existing mains").
H. Nuisances and Safety. A description of any proposed industrial or commercial operations or storage in sufficient detail to indicate potential nuisances and hazards regarding noise, large trucks, glare, air pollution, odors, dust, fire or toxic or explosive hazards or other significant hazards to the public health and safety; together with proposed methods to control such hazards and nuisances.
I. Grading and Stormwater.
(1) Proposed and existing contours if earth disturbance is proposed (at two feet contours or other contours pre-approved by the Borough Engineer or Zoning Officer). Identification of any slopes between 15% and 25% and greater than 25% that are proposed to be impacted.*
(2) Proposed method of managing stormwater runoff, including stormwater calculations if the application will involve an increase of more than 5,000 square feet of total impervious coverage.*
Note: * This information is not required on a zoning site plan if such information will be submitted on a subdivision or land development plan for the use.
(3) Delineation of any floodplains from the Official Floodplain Maps and any wetlands in areas proposed to be disturbed.*
J. Map. A location map showing the relation of the project to surrounding streets. Approximate lot lines of abutting lots within 50 feet of the project, with identification of abutting land uses.
K. Zoning district and major applicable requirements.
L. Preparer. Name and address of the person who prepared the site plan (which shall be a registered engineer, architect, landscape architect or surveyor, who shall certify such plan), the applicant and the owner of record of the land.
M. Tax map parcel number.
N. Certification of ownership and acknowledgement of plan, signed by owner or developer.
O. Applicable signature blocks.
P. Such other data or information as the Zoning Officer deems is reasonably necessary to determine compliance with Borough ordinances.
2. Liability.
A. Neither the approval nor the granting of any review, issuance of permit or approval related to construction, activity within the floodplain, site plan review, subdivision or land development approval, erosion control, stormwater runoff, activity on steep slopes or any other review or permit of this chapter, by an officer, employee, consultant or agency of the Borough shall constitute a representation, guarantee or warranty of any kind by the Borough, or its employees, officials, consultants or agencies, of the practicality or safety of any structure, use or subdivision, and shall create no liability upon, nor a cause of action against such public body, official, consultant nor employee for any damage that may result pursuant thereto.
B. If the Zoning Officer mistakenly issues a permit under this chapter, the Borough shall not be liable for any later lawful withdrawal of such permit for valid cause shown.
See § 27-110: Zoning Officer for more information on this officer.