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Single-Family Cluster Development "SFCD"
1. Applicability. 
This section allows an applicant the option to reduce the minimum lot areas on tracts of land if the applicant proves to the satisfaction of the Borough Council that all of the requirements of this section will be complied with.
A. The term "SFCD" shall mean a single-family detached cluster development meeting the requirements of this section as a conditional use.
B. A tract may be eligible for approval for a single-family cluster development if it includes a minimum of one acre in common ownership in a permitted district.
C. Tract Area. For the purposes of this section, the term "total area of the tract" shall mean the total lot area or the total lot area of contiguous lots in common ownership minus areas within the existing and future rights-of-way of existing streets. The total area of the tract may include: (1) the right-of-way of any new future streets proposed within the tract; and (2) any proposed open space.
D. The SFCD shall be designed as a unified, coordinated residential development, and shall be approved within a development plan controlled by a single developer. After final subdivision approval and within an approved development agreement, a developer may sell individual lots to different builders or home buyers, provided that the developer or his/her successor remains responsible for ensuring the compliance with the approved development plan.
E. The application shall be submitted and decided upon as a conditional use, within the procedures of Part 1. The application shall be reviewed by the Planning Commission and be approved or disapproved by the Borough Council.
2. Other Requirements.
All of the same regulations in this chapter and other Borough ordinances that would apply to any other development shall also apply to a SFCD, except for those requirements that are specifically stated in this section as being adjusted.
3. Conditions for Approval. 
In addition to the specific requirements of this section, a SFCD shall only be approved as a conditional use if the applicant proves to the satisfaction of the Borough Council, based upon review by the Planning Commission, that the following conditions will be met:
A. That the SFCD would clearly serve a valid public purpose that would result in a development that would be superior to what would result if the land would be development as a conventional development. Such valid public purposes include but are not limited to the following:
(1) The permanent preservation through deed restrictions of dense forests, steep slopes, wetlands, creek valleys, highly scenic areas or other sensitive natural features.
(2) The permanent preservation of a substantial area of land in agricultural uses, in a sized tract that allows for efficient agricultural use.
(3) The dedication of public parkland at a site along a perennial waterway or that is adjacent to existing public parkland or where a proposed park is recommended by the Borough's Comprehensive Plan or Park and Recreation Plan or that is otherwise deemed by the Borough Council to be clearly suitable for active or passive recreation.
(4) The clustering of homes in a location that will be substantially buffered from highly-noxious nuisance generating uses, such as an existing or planned expressway or major arterial highway.
B. That the SFCD has been designed in full consideration of important natural features, including mature woodlands, creek valleys, steep slopes and wetlands. Areas along creeks shall be preserved in their natural state, except for landscaping, erosion control improvements and needed utility, street and driveway crossings.
4. See § 27-3086 for information on open space requirements.
5. Uses. A SFCD may only include single-family detached dwellings, golf course (with areas within the SFCD having a 3% maximum impervious coverage), nature preserves, Borough-owned recreation and their customary permitted accessory uses.
6. Phasing. The development shall include a phasing system that shall be approved by the Borough Council. Such phases shall ensure that the requirements of this Part would be met after the completion of any one phase, and that the development could properly function without the construction of additional phases.
See § 27-308: Single-Family Cluster Development /"SFCD\" for more information.