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Adult Use
(1) The applicant shall provide receipts showing that he/she has mailed by certified mail a written notice of the proposed hearing date to all property owners of record within 500 feet of the subject property at least 10 days prior to the hearing date.
(2) The applicant must prove to the satisfaction of the Zoning Hearing Board that such use would not in any way adversely affect the character of the surrounding area, including property values.
(3) Adult Use Owners and Managers.
The applicant shall submit a written list of all persons having an ownership interest of more than 1% in the business, including shareholders and partners of any corporation. The applicant shall also submit the name of the manager who is responsible to ensure that all Borough and state regulations are enforced on a day-to-day basis. Such manager shall reside within a twenty-five-mile radius of the use. Such information shall include the person's business and home addresses and phone numbers and shall be a matter of public record. Such information shall be kept up-to-date. Failure to keep such information up-to-date shall be a violation of this chapter and be reason for suspension of Borough permits.
See § 27-4021.A for more information on adult uses. 
See § 27-111: Zoning Hearing Board Actions and Variances for more information on this board.
See Forms and Applications for more information.
See Zoning for more information.