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Group Home (Permitted Within any Lawful Dwelling Unit)
(1) Certification.
The use shall be licensed or certified under an applicable state, county or federal program for group housing, if applicable. A copy of any such license or certification shall be filed with the Borough, and shall be required to be shown to the Zoning Officer in the future upon request. The group home shall notify the Borough within 14 days if there is a change in the type of clients, the sponsoring agency, the maximum number of residents or if an applicable certification/license expires, is suspended or is withdrawn.
(2) Registration.
The group home shall register its location, general type of treatment/care, maximum number of residents and sponsoring agency with the Borough. Such information shall be available for public review upon request.
(3) Septic.
If a group home will use an on-lot septic system and will involve six or more persons routinely on the premises at any one time, the septic system shall be required to be reviewed by the Borough Sewage Enforcement Officer to determine if it is adequate.
See § 27-4021.U for more information on group homes.
See § 27-110: Zoning Officer for more information on this officer.