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Small Wireless Facilities (SWF)
(1) Permits. 
An applicant shall submit for review and approval an application, and procure, pursuant to § 27-107: Permits and Certificates, relating to certificates and permits, a permit and any other applicable permits and pay all applicable fees incidental thereto for each SWF to be installed or placed in connection with the collocation requirements of § 27-4021.BBB.(1).
(2) Aesthetics.
(a) An applicant hereunder shall meet and discuss with the Borough Zoning or other Code Enforcement Officer any aesthetic issues for a particular location raised in the review of the application, consistent with applicable law.
(b) Aesthetics requirements imposed hereunder shall be reasonable, no more burdensome than those applied to other types of infrastructure deployments, incorporate clearly defined and ascertainable standards and objective. Aesthetic requirements shall be applied in a principled manner and be published in advance of the application by ordinance or resolution of Council.
See § 27-4021.BBB for more information on small wireless facilities.
See § 27-110: Zoning Officer for more information on this officer.
See Forms and Applications for more information.
See Zoning for more information.