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Pets, Keeping of
(1) No use shall involve the keeping of animals or fowl in such a manner or of such types of animals that it creates a serious nuisance (including noise or odor), a health hazard or a public safety hazard. The owner of the animals shall be responsible for collecting and properly disposing of all fecal matter from pets. No dangerous animals shall be allowed outdoors in a residential district, except within a secure, completely enclosed cage or on a leash under full control of the owner.
(2) Exotic Animals. The keeping of exotic animals not normally considered to be household pets shall only be permitted by special exception, except for those animals prohibited as pets under this section. For such approval, the applicant shall prove to the satisfaction of the Zoning Hearing Board that:
(a) Such animal(s) will not pose an unreasonable threat to the health or safety of persons or property in the Borough (including the property in question); and,
(b) Adequate safeguards will be in place to prevent the release or escape of such animal from the property in question.
(3) Carrier Pigeons. Any keeping of carrier pigeons shall comply fully with the applicable state law. A maximum of 25 pairs of carrier pigeons may be permitted on any lot. If a person applies for a permit to keep carrier pigeons, the Borough Manager shall appoint a person to periodically inspect the premises as provided for in the state law to ensure compliance with such state health regulations. Such person shall ensure that each carrier pigeon is stamped or banded with identification marks. The loft shall comply with the Borough's building codes and this chapter. The loft shall be maintained in a clean, orderly condition and kept in good repair.
See § 27-4034.H for more information on keeping of pets.
See § 27-111: Zoning Hearing Board Actions and Variances for more information on this board.
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