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Grading and Erosion Control
1. Grading and Excavation.
See § 22-507: Lot Grading for Subdivisions and Land Developments of the Subdivision and Land Development Ordinance [Chapter 22: Subdivision and Land Development]. Bulk amounts of soil or minerals shall neither be removed from a lot nor shall a lot be regraded unless a zoning permit is issued for such work or as part of the approved work within an approved subdivision or land development.
2. Erosion Control.
All Borough permits are granted on the condition that state erosion and sedimentation regulations and any officially submitted erosion and sedimentation plan are complied with. The Zoning Officer may require the submittal of an erosion and sedimentation control plan with review by the County Conservation District wherever soil will be disturbed. Failure to comply with such regulations or plan shall be cause for suspension of Borough permits.
3. Unstable Slopes.
Slopes that would have the serious threat of instability, in the determination of the Borough Engineer, shall not be created. The Zoning Officer may require that the applicant provide certification from a professional engineer that finished slopes greater than 4:1 will be stable.
4. Drainage.
The ground adjacent to a building shall be graded so that surface water will be drained away from such building.
5. Grading, excavation or movement of materials shall not be completed in such a way that soils, rocks or other debris are left in an unsightly fashion nor in a fashion that interferes with drainage, streets or utilities.
6. If the Zoning Officer has reason to believe that the proposed use may have difficulty complying with the standards of Part 5: ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION, of the Zoning Chapter, then the Zoning Officer may require an applicant to provide written descriptions of proposed machinery, hazardous substances, operations and safeguards.
See § 27-110: Zoning Officer for more information on this officer.
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