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Sign Permits
1. Sign Permits.
All signs (other than real estate and auctioneer signs of six square feet or less or nonpermanent window signs or permitted garage sale signs or permitted political signs) shall require the issuance of a sign permit before erection or replacement unless Borough Council, by resolution, specifically exempts certain signs in certain locations from this requirement. All signs must comply with all of the regulations contained herein, regardless of whether a permit is required. No permit shall be required for a mere change of copy on a sign provided the sign is not increased in area or changed in location or made more nonconforming in any way.
A. Flags. Commercial establishments in all commercial and industrial districts may display flags (in addition to flags specified in § 27-7042, as specified in § 27-70415.A, after first obtaining a sign permit. The fee for such a permit shall be waived provided such commercial establishment has already obtained a permit for other signs on the property.
B. Flags of any governmental unit or branch or of any charitable or religious organization, interior signs not visible from a public right-of-way or adjoining property and cornerstones built into or attached to a wall of a building are not regulated by this chapter.
See § 27-701: Applicability and Nonconforming Signs for more information.
See Forms and Applications for more information.
See Zoning for more information.