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Bonuses for Resolving Existing Stormwater Problems
1. If an applicant offers to put into place measures to resolve a serious pre-existing stormwater problem area, a bonus may be granted as a conditional use by the Borough Council under this section. It shall be the responsibility of the applicant to prove to the satisfaction of the Borough Council, based upon review by the Borough Engineer and Planning Commission, that the proposed measures would resolve or substantially reduce the stormwater problem.
2. Bonuses. 
If an applicant meets the requirements of these bonus provisions as determined by Borough Council, Borough Council shall authorize as a conditional use the following:
A. An increase of 10% in the maximum impervious coverage above what would otherwise be permitted.
B. A reduction of 10% of building setback requirements.
C. A decrease of 10% in the minimum lot area and/or minimum average lot area per dwelling unit below what would otherwise be permitted.