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1. In General.
All appeals of activities and approvals within the jurisdiction of this chapter shall conform with Article X-A of the Pennsylvania Municipalities Planning Code, 53 P.S. § 11001-A et seq.
2. Procedural Defects in Enactment.
Allegations that this chapter or any amendment was enacted in a procedural defective manner shall be appealed directly to the court and be filed not later than 30 days from the intended effective date of this chapter or amendment.
3. To the Zoning Hearing Board.
Appeals to the Board shall comply with § 27-112, "Hearings."
4. Appeal of a Decision by the Zoning Officer.
(1) The Board shall hear and decide appeals where it is alleged by the appellant (a person affected or any agency of the Borough) that the Zoning Officer has failed to follow prescribed procedures, or has misinterpreted or misapplied any valid provision of this chapter.
(2) See time limitations for appeals in § 27-1116.
5. Time Limits for Appeals. 
The time limitations for appeals shall be as follows:
A. No person shall be allowed to file any appeal with the Zoning Hearing Board later than 30 days after the decision by the Zoning Officer that is being appealed has been officially issued, or appeal with the County Court of Common Pleas later than 30 days after a decision of the Zoning Hearing Board has been officially issued, except as may be provided under § 914.1 of the Pennsylvania Municipalities Planning Code, 53 P.S. § 10914.1.
B. The failure of an aggrieved person other than the landowner to appeal an adverse decision directly related to a preliminary subdivision or land development plan shall preclude an appeal from a final plan approval except in the case where the final submission substantially deviates from the approved preliminary plan.
C. This thirty-day time limit for appeals shall not apply to the revocation of a permit under § 27-1076.
See § 27-113: Appeals for more information.
See § 27-111: Zoning Hearing Board Actions and Variances for more information on this board.
See § 27-110: Zoning Officer for more information on this officer.